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Sandgate Redcliffe District Cricket Club - 5 Lane Net Facility and Extended Run Up

Sandgate Redcliffe District Cricket Club competes in the Queensland Premier Cricket and Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association Competitions and required a facility that could allow several teams the opportunity to train together in one space. We worked with the club to install a 5-bay, secure net complex with a 16m extended run-up. This facility has soft netting internally and a chainwire perimeter. The playing surfaces are 5 SimTurf Turf simulated batting areas. 12 months later, we delivered a two bay upgrade to the existing chainwire community nets, installing soft netting, full length and width synthetic grass and SimTurf to batting areas. This in turn creates a combined 7 bay facility for the club

Valley District Cricket Club - 2 Lane Net Extension and Extensive Ground Refurbishment

Valley District Cricket Club is Australia’s largest junior cricket club and demand for training space is at a premium for the club. We've continually worked on this facility for over 25 years. Most recent works on this facility include: 2 new nets including Sim Turf batting areas; 2 pull-up & relay SimTurf batting areas; install sidegrass to 5 nets; extend run-up slab to 2 nets and install run-up grass to 4 nets.

Gladstone Brothers Cricket Club - New Centre Wickets

Gladstone Brothers Cricket Club were looking for the best way to increase junior participation at their club and provide additional options to avoid washouts in the Gladestone area. Through a combination of local contractors and our experienced synthetic installers, we were able to deliver this project, and in turn grow a hub for cricket in Gladstone

Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association - Kalinga Park #2, 3, 5

Works at Kalinga Park for Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association include: pull up & relays to 3 centre wickets to transition from International 1000 green cricket grass to SimTurf Turf Simulated Cricket Grass.

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